Terms and Conditions

Forbidden activities
Shortener may NOT be used for the following:

  • Creating URLs to be used in unsought advertising as well as however not restricted to email and forum posts (i.e. don't use for SPAM purposes)
  • Linking to any content that is against the law in your space
  • Linking to alternative sites that additionally supply computer address shortening/redirection (because making a "chain" of redirects is usually an endeavor to cover malicious use, and additionally wastes bandwidth) - most of those ought to be mechanically blocked anyway
  • Any other use that is against the law in your space

We reserve the proper to get rid of any shortened URLs that we have a tendency to regard to own desecrated our terms and conditions, or that we have a tendency to believe violate the spirit of our terms or of honest usage (at our discretion). we have a tendency to could if we decide report use that's proscribed by our terms and conditions to the relevant governmental or enforcement agencies, as well as relevant data like the IP address of the link creator. we have a tendency to additionally reserve the proper to dam any abusers from victimisation our service in future. additionally, shortened computer addresss could also be removed retroactively if they later seem on any of the blacklists that Open URL agent consults.

Excessive usage
We raise that you just limit usage of our service to "reasonable" levels. there's presently no fastened limit, however please do not open multiple coincidental connections from an equivalent machine, or undertake usage therefore significant it causes service problems for alternative users. we have a tendency to reserve the proper to get rid of shortened URLs from our service and/or block the offender from our service quickly or for good once usage exceeds levels we have a tendency to contemplate cheap.

Warranty and liability
Singkat.Link is provided as a free service, and in and of itself carries no pledge of any kind. Singkat.Link isn't chargeable for any loss or drawback you would possibly suffer thanks to victimisation the service. This includes losses within the event that the service stops operative, is inaccessible or slow, suffers knowledge loss, or the other issue which could be thought-about damaging to you.

Singkat.Link Privacy Policy
We don't collect any in person distinguishing data from users of this web site. we have a tendency to store solely the technical data necessary to supply our computer address shortening service, like the first long URLs. we have a tendency to may additionally store the IP addresses of computers victimisation the Singkat.Link service (and similar usage data like net browser/resolution) for the only functions of distinguishing abuse of the service and chase anonymous usage trends. This data won't be created accessible to 3rd parties.

We check submitted URLs and user IP addresses against blacklists to assist stop spam. These blacklists could also be operated by third parties.

URLs shortened by our web site aren't personal and may not be treated in and of itself. Third parties may simply guess the short computer address that you just ar victimisation, therefore you must not use Singkat.Link to link to sensitive or secure knowledge.

Anonymous statistics on shortened URLs you produce (such as range of visits to them, creation date etc.) aren't treated as personal and can be created accessible to anyone through the positioning.

Third party advertising could also be enclosed on the positioning. Such advertisers could use technologies like cookies or net beacons which can enable them to access data like your IP address, ISP, browser etc. to be employed in the course of showing advertising or choosing advertising to display.