Forget about the scientific “facts” drummed into your head by college academics.  Saturn isn't a planet – it’s a huge UFO!

That’s the assertion of moot uranologist Dr. Eduardo Marquez, United Nations agency has move with puzzling photos that seem to bolster the apparently unconventional claim.

“new high-definition photos taken by the powerful a pair of.6-meter telepscope at our observatory show windows, loading bays cardinal even shuttle-craft-size saucers going  to and from the mammoth vehicle,” says Dr. Marquez, United Nations agency captured the pictures with the Nordic astronomical telescope within the Canary Islands.

“Clearly this can be not a natural body, however the creation of intelligent beings – Associate in Nursing nearly inconceivably immense phantom seventy four,900 miles in diameter.”

Shockingly, Dr. Marquez claims that NASA has identified the reality for many years and is deliberately concealing it from the planet.

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When Pioneer eleven flew by Saturn on Sept. 1, 1979 and once traveler two photographed it from simply twenty one million miles away in 1981, they couldn’t have uncomprehensible these telltale options, He says.

“I believe NASA doctored those photos – and every one since, as well as pictures taken by the Edwin Powell Hubble area Telescope – fearing that to tell the general public that a starship larger than EArth is orbiting our sun would spark international panic.”

But terror is unwarranted, the someone insists.

“Clearly, whoever engineered a craft that huge has the capability to overcome Earth and will have done therefore any time within the past many thousand years,” Dr. Marquez says. “Since they haven’t done therefore, we will presume their intentions aren't hostile.”

Saturn distinctive rings have long distinguished it from the opposite eight planets within the system. to the current day scientists aren’t bound concerning their composition and origin.  Prevailing theory is that they're created up mostly of ice and were fashioned from moons shattered by impacts of comets and meteors.

But Dr. Marquez says that’s bunk.

“It continually troubled Maine that the “rings” looked solid – if truth be told, it occurred to Maine last year, they appear like he wing of a phantasm,” he reveals.

“Training the telescope on Saturn underneath ideal conditions. I recently found that to be exactly the case.”

The human believes that Saturn could be a “mother ship” from a farflung  star system, used as a base of operations for aliens who’ve been finding out group for hundreds of years.  He notes that a 1988 study showed that in ninety four % of saucer sightings, the mechanical phenomenon of the craft indicated they were heading to or from Saturn.

“I believe all alien ship encountered in our atmosphere return from the mother ship.” Dr. Marquez says.

The walloping craft in all probability  has a minimum of five,000 decks and will accommodate “literally billions” of extraterrestrials.

“They haven't any ought to conquer Earth – they likely have all the comforts of place their planet-size ballistic capsule,” the knowledgeable says.

NASA officers deny doctoring any pictures and reject the astronomer’s accusation of a coverup. They decision the egghead’s theory concerning Saturn “preposterous.”

“We understand that this can be a revered mortal, however it appears like his tram has jumped its tracks,” says an area agency interpreter.

– -If the diameter of Earth were ten % smaller or larger, all the life on the earth would either be frozen or burned up.

– If the H2O of EArth (only one.6 % of the water on the earth) were divided equally among all the folks on the planet, all would get forty million gallons.

— Uranus is that the solely planet that rotates on its aspect.

— The Venus day is longer than the Venus year. the earth spins on its axis once each 243 EArth days and orbits the sun once each 224 Earth days.

— Venus is way brighter than the other planet or star.  At its brightest, it will solid shadow and may even be seen throughout the daytime.